About Eurosound Inc.

Our company specializes in home automation and security system installation services. We also take pride in our computer networking, telephone system installation and specialty programming services. These service programs are specifically developed for our high end clientele and large construction companies based on history of information gathered during years of our experience. We are able to meet any client's needs!

We are very confident that our service will provide you with quality performance at a competitive price. We will make certain that all service operations are provided with the utmost care, manpower, equipment and supplies. To ensure your facility with most satisfying service, we will provide you with well trained and qualified management team to work with your designated liaison on an ongoing basis.

EuroSound was founded on providing our clients with the most dependable high quality service at a most cost efficient rate. EuroSound provides the most professional installation service available. We have the knowledge and experience to tailor our installation services to your needs.

EuroSound is one of the most successful privately owned home automation companies. With locations throughout California we are able to provide the highest quality professional audio, video and security system installation service. Since our inception, we've developed a desirable reputation as a leader in the highly competitive home automation industry.

EuroSound was created around a central corporate management structure that allows for centralized and direct control of all installation contracts, service delivery and operational processes on a national and regional level. Our central management structure provides a unique and effective opportunity for the most consistent control of all of our contracts at every level of operation. Thus ensuring high standards and the delivery of our services always meets our client’s specific needs.

EuroSound has the highest standards. Our practices focus on the values of customer care, responsibility and pride through proper selection and training of talented and motivated people. Our stringent quality control procedures form the basis for this structure combining clearly defined policies and procedures to reflect a true desire to deliver high professional standards of service and satisfaction to all our clients.

EuroSound takes the hassle out of home and business automation. From one custom home to multiple communities and large hotels, we provide insured, uniformed and most importantly, trained personnel to take care of your installation needs.

EuroSound provides one of the best insurance plans available in the home automation industry, which includes liability insurance, commercial auto and workman's compensation.

Our professionals are trained in equipment, product usage and safety procedures.

All of EuroSound’s installers and sales professionals go through a complete training program before they are allowed on any job site. Our supervisors are salaried employees, who not only have great technical knowledge, but also have completed our comprehensive management training program. You can be assured that your project completed correctly the first time and every time.

Training is the key to ensuring a productive, cost effective and consistent program of service. We believe our strong client satisfaction levels are a direct result of our comprehensive training and continual training programs.


We keep our customers. Our customer service helps keep our current customers satisfied with a 95% retention rate. We work diligently to ensure that all installation duties are performed to the highest industry standard.

At EuroSound, we keep our eyes on the details while never losing sight of the big picture: delivering a consistently satisfying experience to our clients. We are not satisfied with our installation services unless you are! We constantly monitor our work and should any area fail to meet our strict standards, it will be corrected immediately.

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